30 November 2018

Safari Solution

As a safari user, 

I have run into a problem a few months ago where I was no longer able to post comments on other Blogger user's contributions.  All works well if I use Chrome, but that seems a PITA to shift from one browser to another.  Though both browsers have there merits, I prefer Safari when I am on my Mac.

There has been some chatter here, but no solutions other than to change browsers.  Since I tend to obsess on things and am tenacious enough to keep going until I die, essentially, I think I may have come upon a solution.

While in Safari hit the command and , keys together to open preferences.  Choose the Privacy tab and then uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking box.    You will be able to post in Blogger comments.

Not only am I obsessive, but I am a bit of a paranoid too, so when I finish my business in Blogger, I reverse the process and recheck the box.

...and now for something completely different...

Because I am a mature adult, I like to read the comics in the morning.  One that I enjoy is 9 Chickweed Lane.  This entry shows a recurrent them through out the strip.  Note how the advice columnist replies to his correspondents.  Seem familiar?



  1. I'm also able to post to Blogger from Safari by using the private browsing tab. Bit of a nuisance as I first have to copy the blog URL.

  2. I gave up on Apple when they switched to Intel chips. I could go on and on about even their most recent. Instead I'll stick to one of my typewriters while I run Linux on any old regular PC when I need to do something that requires a PC.