24 November 2022


Las Vegas, NV - 24 Nov 2022

     Happy Thanksgiving all.  We're still away and living in a hotel.   The sister-in-law got the idea to have dinner in so she is going to roast a bird in the hotel oven.  (we get a kitchen with these rooms).  Since she wanted to do that, I will do the veg portion.  Nothing too fancy, sweet potatoes and green beans with my favorite condiment - butter.  Simple.
     I spent the better part of this week trying to catch a cold and I succeeded last night.  I woke this morning feeling a little run down with lots of sneezing.  The histamines are pumping and my nose had become a leaky faucet.  Drip, drip, drip.  I haven't had a cold in so long I am completely out of practice.  I am not so sure I want to go anywhere for dinner being not especially pleasant to look at and constantly at my nose with a Kleenex.  Not the visage to stimulate an appetite.  With any luck things will simmer down by this afternoon.
     We called my parents to wish them well for the day.  Talking with them is a treat.   In the meantime our phones are pinging away as the younger relatives wish us a happy day in the best way they know how - by text message.  Worse yet, the messages are sent out by group message to multiple addresses.  Kind of sucks "personal" right out of the greeting.  What are we coming to?
     For now I'll try to get some rest and gear up for dinner to come.  Best to all and your families.  Keep it analog and leave your cell phone in the car.

Keep on truckin'

We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Suquamish, WA - 23 Nov 2022

     I don’t know if it was bad luck, smoke in the air whether from tobacco of marijuana or what, but I have had a scratchy throat since I got to this town and last night it reached its zenith.   My throat was a raging burning tunnel draining to the point of having me in coughing fits.  My nose didn’t help by contributing its portion to the viscous turbid exudate.  Lungs are clear and strong as evidenced by my morning walk.  Maybe I finally got some sort of virus. I haven’t had one in more than five years so I am a little out of practice with such things.
     One of the cool things about running and walking in this town is the people watching.  There is so much variety here compared to back home in the middle of nowhere.   One thing that always catches my eye is an athlete.  I like to see them glide down the road moving along in the little world that is rambling about in their heads.  As with typewriters there is an affinity with like minded individuals.  But I can be easily fooled.   I saw a lady off on the side of the path dressed in svelte form fitting attire and a pair of running shoes to complete the set.  I figured she was catching her breath or taking in the sights.   I did until she turned and revealed her cigarette.  A let down for sure.   I don’t get athleisure.
     Today was a day of rest, sort of.  Spent most of the morning and early afternoon writing letters and post cards.  It felt good to slow down and watch carrots grow.

Keep on truckin'

22 November 2022

The Gap

Las Vegas, NV - 22 Nov 2022

     When I checked into this hotel a few days back I found a couple of sheets of letterhead stationery and an envelope with the hotel's return address.  Nice.   I didn't think that was a thing anymore.  I do remember when I was younger many hotels had a pad of stationery in the desk drawer.  I haven't seen that in ages.  So, I took advantage and wrote a letter off to a pen pal.  But why stop with one?
     I went down to the check in desk this morning and asked the young lady behind the counter for some more of the stationery.  I stress young.  She looked at me with bewilderment and confusion.
     "You mean, like, note paper?"
     "No, stationery - with your hotel's letterhead."
     More confusion.  "It's for letters.  I write letters to people.   I mean paper for that."
     She looked like she understood and pulled a memo pad from a drawer.   Ergh... She signaled for the concierge to come over.  He was probably three years her senior.   More confusion and bewilderment.
     Meanwhile, the other desk clerk finished helping her guest and came over to help.
     "Hi, do you have any letterhead stationery?" On which, she immediately went to a cabinet and pulled out a stack with envelopes and handed them to me.  I should mention that she was of a generation closer to mine.  I took the paper and thanked her.  My lesson was to ask someone closer to my age who actually knows what a letter is and what sort of paper one uses to create one.
     What do they teach kids in school?   I know it isn't handwriting or even printing now.  If it isn't done on a keyboard, I guess it's not important.  So, what is the postage on a text message anyway?   Can I just stick the stamp to my phone's screen or do I scan it somehow?

Keep on truckin'

21 November 2022

One Toke Over The Line

Suquamish, WA - 21 Nov 2022

     Good morning for a walk/run.  Because this is Las Vegas, folks don't get too alarmed to see a guy in jeans and running shoes jogging along.  The mornings are best because the foot traffic is nearly non existent and the street cleaners have made their pass removing debris from the night before.  Road traffic is ever present in this town, but it is reduced enough that crossing the street doesn't require a rider on the life insurance policy.
     The weather is cool ranging from the mid 40s and reaching a high in the 50s. Because of that I didn't have to worry about breaking a sweat.  One thing that is omnipresent is the distinct aroma of weed.  This a hooch smokin' town.  Regardless of station, it seems to be the way of it.  Case in point, I ran into a gentleman on the street, approximately in my age, who stopped me and asked if I knew where the "Marijuana store" was.  I'm not sure if it was an innocent question or if I looked like someone who might have knowledge of such a thing.  The thing that amazes me the most is that I am not high as a kite just from all the contact.

Keep on truckin'