24 November 2022

We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Suquamish, WA - 23 Nov 2022

     I don’t know if it was bad luck, smoke in the air whether from tobacco of marijuana or what, but I have had a scratchy throat since I got to this town and last night it reached its zenith.   My throat was a raging burning tunnel draining to the point of having me in coughing fits.  My nose didn’t help by contributing its portion to the viscous turbid exudate.  Lungs are clear and strong as evidenced by my morning walk.  Maybe I finally got some sort of virus. I haven’t had one in more than five years so I am a little out of practice with such things.
     One of the cool things about running and walking in this town is the people watching.  There is so much variety here compared to back home in the middle of nowhere.   One thing that always catches my eye is an athlete.  I like to see them glide down the road moving along in the little world that is rambling about in their heads.  As with typewriters there is an affinity with like minded individuals.  But I can be easily fooled.   I saw a lady off on the side of the path dressed in svelte form fitting attire and a pair of running shoes to complete the set.  I figured she was catching her breath or taking in the sights.   I did until she turned and revealed her cigarette.  A let down for sure.   I don’t get athleisure.
     Today was a day of rest, sort of.  Spent most of the morning and early afternoon writing letters and post cards.  It felt good to slow down and watch carrots grow.

Keep on truckin'

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