11 February 2019

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.


  1. When I lived in the country my snow moving equipment consisted of a shovel. I only had about a 60 ft driveway though. Now I'm 30 years older and have a few snow blowers to handle seemingly constant Michigan snow.

    Enjoy the fire and the ale. Hope your soreness goes away.

    1. Thanks and cheers. Shovel still serves me well. Wound up shoveling that monster 3 days in a row. Sore as sore can be.

  2.’s getting back to normal temps here but it’s been rather gloomy lately. A lot more than usual this time of year. I’m feeling th effects and my body is missing the UV rays if the sun. I’m ready for winter to be over! Stay warm and don’t let frostbite get st your toes!!