09 August 2018

A Digital Presentation of Analog Works

Olympia SM3

And so it begins

I've been away from the Blogging scene for a while, but decided to give it another go.  The theme here is just going to be my mental meanderings as they pop up.  I may put in a piece about a recent run, or the current state of my health.  Sometimes I get inspired when I'm out on a run or walk and get some ideas just from smells or sights along the way.  

I wanted a place to collect these thoughts outside of my journal.  This seemed like a good spot.  Blogs are a nice place to put material from my usual long spots such as my journal, or one of my typewriters.

So, you can expect to see all sorts of things here, some edited and some not.  I like first drafts because they are infants that I can raise to maturity.  Like growing children, their use of language improves with age and maturity.

For now, this site is under construction and developement.  Let's watch it grow and improve over time.



  1. Cheers, Mike. I just saw your link to this page on my blog. That is an interesting colour for an SM3, not black, but not bad. As long as it does the job, eh? And I'll get it does it superbly. These are great typers.Best wishes for your blog.

    1. Thanks Rob. It is one of my favorites. It types fast and easy. The italic typeface is unusual, but it makes a good letter writing machine. I also like it to dash off something quick ... not much effort to write so my hands don't get tired.